Adopting the model for Adults

Praying as a Staff Group

Originally designed for use with a staff group, the co-created prayer model has been experienced on several occasions by the staff of St Matthew's Catholic Primary School, Cornubia.

Nadine MacAninch, a Year 2 teacher, shares her thoughts about this way of praying together.

Gathering as a Group of Leaders From Different school communities

The co-created prayer model has also been used by other staff groups, as well as gatherings of religious leaders and school leaders across Brisbane Catholic Education. Elizabeth Fort, Education Officer: Religious Education at Brisbane Catholic Education, shares her thoughts about sharing this prayer experience at a professional learning day for a group of Assistant Principals responsible for leading Religious Education in their communities.

"These professionals who are so used to preparing prayers for their school communities had a unique and engaging experience at their professional learning day. For once they could focus on a particular aspect of the prayer structure and go into greater depth on this section, alongside fellow religious school leaders.

Dividing into groups, each specialised on a different aspect of the prayer and prepared their section with devotion and interest. The prayer came together seamlessly and with great power as each individual had contributed to it and invested in the message they wanted to convey through prayer. A special feeling went through the room as each group moved through their prepared aspect. All sang and filled the room with music, lifting voices in praise.

At the start of the professional learning segment of the day, the leaders expressed how the experience had positively affected them and also wished for their staff groups to co-create prayer in groups as they saw how powerful an experience it was. As a witness, I observed how each group discussed and negotiated their parts.

I have seen this process with other staff groups and am always impressed with how much is gained from co-creating prayer. It is an obvious work of the Spirit moving in people."