What teachers say

Co-created Prayer in Year 1

Mikela Bonomi, a Year 1 teacher in a Catholic primary school, speaks about her first experience praying with the co-created prayer model with young children. Mikela shares how her initial concern was transformed as she saw the level of engagement displayed by the students and heard the "magnificent" ideas they came up with.

Co-created Prayer in Year 6

Emily Pearson, a Year 6 teacher, shares similar thoughts about engaging students in Year 6 in co-created prayer. She shares that the students are so "proud" of their contribution to the whole and that using the model in a Mass setting, has significantly improved students connection to Church.

Feedback from Students

Laura Ross has worked to adapt the co-created prayer scaffolding materials for an Early Years context. Laura speaks about the process of inviting student feedback from a Year 1 class - asking how they felt participating in prayer using this model as well as whether they perceived a change in their understanding of the Scripture prayed with.