AdApting the model for Mass

An example of a Year 6 collaborative illustration created to accompany the reading from Acts 15-22-35. This scripture tells of the need to send two disciples, Judas and Silas, to Antioch with a letter to remind those who had lost their way of the way of Christ.

Co-creating with the Mass

With the support of Parish Priests, this model has been adapted for Mass.

Sacred Space becomes Sacred Welcome with the group considering how to make people feel welcome in the Mass and which symbols may best connect with scriptures. This group shares a message with those gathered prior to Mass, explaining the symbols or elements chosen for the celebration and an Acknowledgement of Country.

Sacred Music and Sacred Word remain similar – being mindful of the liturgical structure and context of Mass. At times, a dramatisation of the Gospel has been presented before the start of Mass to prepare the students to engage with the Word when proclaimed by the presider. The Sacred Music group prepare to lead hymns for gathering, procession of the gifts, communion and sending forth.

The Sacred Prayer group create five prayers of intercession that follow the usual order for Mass.

And instead of Sacred Understanding, there is a Sacred Art group where students explore the Readings and the Psalm to be proclaimed at Mass and illustrate these to contribute to the meaning making process for students – both those involved in the creating and those celebrating Mass.

"Although many parents in our community do not attend the church regularly, they appear to feel welcome and happy to attend co-created prayer and when we co-create with the Mass. As well as being able to participate with their children, it gives them the opportunity to engage in a faith-filled experience in a joyful and welcoming environment. Because the elements of the liturgy are explained, it is accessible and meaningful for everybody, regardless of their personal faith story."

Colleen Hughes, Teacher and Parishioner