Sacred Understanding

Making Connections

The Sacred Understanding group is asked to help those gathered make connections with the Scripture. This could be in the form of sharing the groups wonderings and questions or their personal ideas about or reactions to the text. For older participants, this may also include information from biblical scholars or wise people like Pope Francis.

This team will be full of thinkers and ponderers – people who like to listen deeply, wonder and question, engage in dialogue and debate respectfully.

You might think about what this story meant to people at the time or what it means for us today.

Some people from this group will be invited to share a reflection during our prayer.

You may even know about how this story would be considered by different cultural and religious groups and may wish to share about that."

Resources required:

Depending on the age of participants, it can be helpful to provide some short theological background or resources to inspire thinking about the Scripture in a deeper way.