Sacred Music

Praying through Music

The Sacred Music group is challenged to choose music that connects with and strengthens our understanding of the scripture and its theme. In the context of praying in the classroom or school, Sacred Music is a way to describe how participants will experience prayer through music during this special time.

Some liturgical music is usually suggested as well as secular options - however due to the high level of choice and agency, participants select music which is meaningful to them and that they believe will be meaningful for the group.

Music is the language of liturgy! And we feel different when we help create music rather than just play a track and listen to it.

You are invited to think about what gifts and talents you share in your group that could help us bring this to life!

Do you play the guitar or piano? Perhaps you can play a djembe or a tambourine? Maybe you find that singing fills you with joy or you’d like to make up some movements to help us all participate fully. Your job – help us to feel something through the music you choose!".

Resources required:

This group will require a portable stereo or the ability to play music from an iPad or laptop. Depending on the age of participants, they are also encouraged to use musical instruments and create movements to lead this part of the prayer live.

This group works well when presented with some suggestions and resources to help them.